Ecologically Sound, Economically Sensible

Helping customers to do business sustainably. We understand its setting as achieving a balance of the three E’s: economy, ecology and efficiency. We design effective strategies that are data-driven, environmentally friendly, and both economically and technically sensible.

Moving towards sustainability

Our mission

We are an ESG specialist that prides itself on a pragmatic approach to solving our customers’ problems. We have knowledge based on more than 65 years of experience in implementing sustainable business principles in the energy sector, industrial companies and public administration. We look at business in an ecological, economic and technical context and with a long-term view.

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ESG comprehensively
- from audit to revision

We will guide you through strategy development and implementation of ESG principles so that your company meets regulatory requirements in the areas of sustainability, social responsibility, governance and management, but above all so that sustainable business has a positive impact on performance indicators, your company is competitive, innovative and attractive to customers, business partners, banks or investors.


We conduct audits of business activities and analyze regulatory requirements. We identify missing data and processes from an ESG perspective. We believe our clients aren't starting from scratch; through our work, they'll have a clear understanding of their current ESG status.


We propose a vision, possible strategy, and key objectives for sustainable business. We create an implementation plan (for decarbonisation, including the so-called transition pathway), set achievable milestones, and assess the impact on ESG goals and company finances, including the expected financial implications of CAPEX and OPEX measures. All in line with the EU taxonomy of sustainable activities. We prioritize actions and investments, define risks and opportunities within the implementation plan.


Based on the audit and implementation plan, we prepare a communication strategy towards customers, banks, and the public. Our goal is to effectively inform all stakeholders about your strategy, actions, and achievements in sustainable business and ensure your communication has a positive impact on your company's reputation.


We identify data sources, propose an efficient method for data collection and processing using software solutions, conduct integrations, and automate processes. We verify and ensure data accuracy, implement analytical tools, and prepare output data for regular non-financial reporting and ESG ratings.


We prepare documentation for projects resulting from the implementation plan. Depending on the client's requirements, we can take responsibility for project execution and achieving the results defined in the implementation plan. We execute projects, implement various sustainable solutions and modern practices, introduce emissions and efficiency measurements, automated data collection, carbon footprint calculations, and other ESG metrics.


We compile a Sustainability Report with you, including consolidating data from subsidiary companies and third parties, and provide cooperation during audits. We set up non-financial reporting to be as automated and periodic as possible.


We regularly evaluate with you and, in response to changes in your company and its operations, revise and update the sustainable business strategy and measures.

Part of a Group of Companies

Group 4050
A group of companies active in sustainable energy, new technology development and environmental protection
Group 4051
Leader in services and supplies in the energy and industrial sectors, developing efficient and sustainable technologies
Innovative solutions for industry and the public sector contributing to environmental protection and cost reduction

Our Customers' Experiences


"ORGREZ's experience is helping us to develop and scale up our nuclear power plant power transformer ageing management programme. In addition to their expertise, we also appreciate their willingness and helpful approach. We perceive the added value of the company above all in the knowledge of the issues, which is always at a very high level."

Richard Janura, Aging Management Expert, ČEZ, a. s., Temelín Nuclear Power Plant

"ORGREZ's technically and professionally proficient staff are available to us for maintenance of our power transformers, as well as for consultation to resolve problems encountered on both power and distribution transformers. The cooperation is also excellent in terms of the helpfulness of the staff in terms of punctuality in handing over the necessary documents before the preparation and after the execution of the individual orders. The added value of the cooperation is also based on the mutual respect and esteem and the high professional level of the company."

Oto KANIK, Maintenance Management, SLOVNAFT, a. s.

"With ORGREZ, we carried out three measurements of the efficiency of photocatalytic surfaces within the TRIO project. The cooperation worked very well in all aspects, regardless of the unconventional setup requirements. In everything, the company was most helpful and helped us with a superior approach to solve everything that was needed to prepare and implement the experiment. The supplied materials from the measurements met our expectations, we can highly recommend cooperation with the company."

Ing. Jan Procházka, Ph.D, President, Advanced Materials – JTJ s.r.o.

"Long-term cooperation with ORGREZ contributes to optimized operation of our facilities, higher efficiency and better management of heat and power production. In addition, it prepares us to meet the future challenges associated with the transition to modern, sustainable energy."

David Najvar, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Sokolovská uhelná

"ORGREZ has been our long-term partner in the operation of the Chvaletice Power Plant, especially in areas related to ecology - measurement and reporting of pollutants, consulting and implementation of environmental measures. Thanks to the quality of services, high expertise and experience of ORGREZ employees, the cooperation is really beneficial for us and we are pleased that we can develop it further with new tasks and priorities."

Václav Matys, CEO of Elektrárna Chvaletice and Teplárna Zlín