ESG in a pragmatic and comprehensive way

We will guide you through strategy development and implementation of ESG principles so that your company meets regulatory requirements in the areas of sustainability, social responsibility, governance and management, but above all so that sustainable business has a positive impact on performance indicators, your company is competitive, innovative and attractive to customers, business partners, banks or investors.


We can advise you from audit to review


We conduct audits of business activities and analyze regulatory requirements. We identify missing data and processes from an ESG perspective. We believe our clients aren't starting from scratch; through our work, they'll have a clear understanding of their current ESG status.


We propose a vision, possible strategy, and key objectives for sustainable business. We create an implementation plan (for decarbonisation, including the so-called transition pathway), set achievable milestones, and assess the impact on ESG goals and company finances, including the expected financial implications of CAPEX and OPEX measures. All in line with the EU taxonomy of sustainable activities. We prioritize actions and investments, define risks and opportunities within the implementation plan.


Based on the audit and implementation plan, we prepare a communication strategy towards customers, banks, and the public. Our goal is to effectively inform all stakeholders about your strategy, actions, and achievements in sustainable business and ensure your communication has a positive impact on your company's reputation.


We identify data sources, propose an efficient method for data collection and processing using software solutions, conduct integrations, and automate processes. We verify and ensure data accuracy, implement analytical tools, and prepare output data for regular non-financial reporting and ESG ratings.


We prepare documentation for projects resulting from the implementation plan. Depending on the client's requirements, we can take responsibility for project execution and achieving the results defined in the implementation plan. We execute projects, implement various sustainable solutions and modern practices, introduce emissions and efficiency measurements, automated data collection, carbon footprint calculations, and other ESG metrics.


We compile a Sustainability Report with you, including consolidating data from subsidiary companies and third parties, and provide cooperation during audits. We set up non-financial reporting to be as automated and periodic as possible.


We regularly evaluate with you and, in response to changes in your company and its operations, revise and update the sustainable business strategy and measures.

We offer different models of cooperation

Our cooperation can take 3 basic forms. It depends on the nature of your business, your needs, the preferred intensity of our support and the length of our services.

Datadriven: data-centric

We help you identify all relevant ESG data, source databases and information systems. We integrate sources and bring all data together into one “data lake”, including automation and online retrieval capabilities. For data sourced from the holding structure (from subsidiaries) and from third parties (suppliers, customers, business partners, etc.), we will establish a reliable and secure channel for data collection.

We will then help set up roles, responsibilities and workflows, including tracking KPIs. We make the collected data available in reporting tools and a user-friendly analytical interface that can be adapted to specific standards and evaluation metrics.


Quickwins: managing the biggest risks

We will assess your company’s current operations in terms of energy consumption, use of materials, raw materials and waste, biodiversity conservation and other important ESG factors. While maintaining existing technologies, we will develop an estimate of the threshold at which your company will no longer meet the required ESG parameters and will experience a deterioration in the availability of financing.

We will select areas where you can further reduce your carbon footprint and improve other factors without compromising your competitiveness. We will compile an overview of the measures available to you with the aim of achieving minimum impact on the company’s operations and maximum impact on the ESG rating. We will build a business plan modelling taking into account the lifetime of existing technologies and then guide you through the optimization of your production and consumption model.


Sustainability: long-term partnership

We formulate a long-term vision and strategy that sets realistic and achievable ESG targets, analyses risks, defines milestones and related key investments to achieve climate neutrality and meet other ESG parameters. We also advise on your business plans and investment plans to ensure they are realistic and sustainable in the long term.

We will guide you through the implementation of each measure, from the design stage, through the entire implementation to routine maintenance.

We will set up your complete data environment and ensure the integration and processing of all relevant data. We will produce a bank-accepted Sustainability Report. We will continuously evaluate and optimize your strategy and measures.


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