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The Society for Setting the Record Straight

With permission I borrowed the title from Mr. Zdeněk Jirotka from Saturnino. There is a mischief going on here (I borrowed again), by loud, persistent repetition, claims are being made to us, either deliberately or out of conviction, and their validity is questionable to say the least.

Energy recovery from waste: inspiration from abroad

I had the honour to participate as one of the presenters at the CEWEP (Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants) meeting at IFAT, an international trade fair that focuses on modern environmental practices and technologies.

Where the Czech Republic stands in waste management: reflections from an international meeting

The turbulence in the energy market covers every corner of this industry, even those that are promising, but mainly discussed in whispers for political reasons.

Energetics bound by the laws of physics

Energy is an industry that is bound by the laws of physics, which limit it to a large extent. Unfortunately, the reality of today is a misunderstanding of basic physical principles and, what is worse, a willful disregard for them and an unwillingness to listen.

The energy sector is a long-distance race

The power system from sources to transmission, distribution and trade has grown and built over decades to deliver stable electricity to customers at the best price.