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Green heating is friendly to bills and the environment

Under the brand of Green Heating ORGREZ ECO brings a new service to towns and municipalities. It will help them to reduce the carbon footprint of their heating plants by tens of percent while maintaining the production price of heat.

Solární panely

We will ensure the comprehensive functioning of the Energy Community

The Czech energy sector has received legislation for the establishment of energy communities. Groups of citizens, municipalities or other communities can organise themselves within the so-called energy communities to participate in the construction of renewable energy sources and to share and consume or sell the energy produced locally among themselves. Meaningful communities will reduce energy prices, strengthen energy independence and promote the use of local, renewable energy sources.

How to energy communities

Municipalities should not miss out on submitting a grant to establish a Community of Communities. In doing so, they should think about its future functionality and stability.

Common sense must be applied to ESG, agreed directors of critical infrastructure companies

ORGREZ ECO was the main partner of the 3. AKI/CA Summit 2023, organized by the Association of Critical Infrastructure of the Czech Republic and the Compliance Academy. One of the speakers at the conference, which was held 20. and 21 November 2023 in the Residence of the Mayor of the Capital, was also our owner Vladimír Hlavinka.

Jan Krišpín

We introduced our green heating to representatives of towns and municipalities

On 8.-9.11. 2023, the INFRASTRUCTURE conference, an international meeting for representatives of cities and municipalities, regional institutions and municipalities, municipal companies and municipal services on the theme: What to do with infrastructure in the next 10 years?