Our Mission

We are ESG experts who take a pragmatic approach to solving our customers’ problems. Our knowledge is backed by over 65 years of experience in implementing sustainable business principles in the energy sector, industrial companies, and public administration.


We view business from ecological, economic, and technical perspectives, with a long-term outlook. All measures must be quantified in monetary terms, and your business must always make economic sense. We seek the most effective available technologies and measures that will have the best real impact on sustainability. We don’t rely on feelings; we work with data. Additionally, we design automated solutions to make your work more efficient.

Our added value goes beyond data processing and issuing Sustainability Reports. We guide you through practical implementation and periodic reviews of the proposed strategy.

Years of Experience Stand Behind Us

To demonstrate a company’s real commitment to sustainability, a Sustainability Report is essential. According to the current ESRS standards (European Sustainability Reporting Standards), this covers three areas: E – Environmental, S – Social, and G – Governance.

From a financial, complexity, risk, and time perspective, setting realistic goals in the environmental area and then achieving them is the most challenging. However, reducing the environmental impact of business operations is primarily achieved through reducing the carbon footprint, responsible resource and energy usage, and waste reduction. These are precisely the areas where our group has extensive experience.

We belong to a group of technology companies and are the Czech leader in providing innovative services in the energy sector. For over 65 years, we have been involved in the delivery of specific areas of power engineering and thermal technology, conducting studies, performing special measurements and tests, operating accredited laboratories, developing state-of-the-art technologies, sustainable energy development, and environmental protection.

During this time, we have completed numerous projects optimizing the operation of production and energy facilities, measures leading to reduced energy consumption and savings, and gained extensive experience in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of technological facilities.

We have technical facilities, experienced personnel, and comprehensive data from the entire production cycle of industrial and energy companies. This allows us to guarantee comprehensive expertise and knowledge of various industrial sectors.

With our data specialists and unique software solutions, we can fully automate the collection of ESG data, significantly expedite and simplify data processing, verify data accuracy, and provide a reliable source of data for advanced analytics, non-financial reporting preparation, and data processing for ESG assessments and ratings.

Part of a Group of Companies

Group 4050
A group of companies active in sustainable energy, new technology development and environmental protection
Group 4051
Leader in services and supplies in the energy and industrial sectors, developing efficient and sustainable technologies
Innovative solutions for industry and the public sector contributing to environmental protection and cost reduction